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Main illuminator are incandescent, discharge and LED lamp, each kind of laminator have different request and function of power supply.

Power supply convert electric power to the request condition, like lighting gear, ballast, driver and transformer etc , safety category is UL-1993 Self-ballast lamp,UL-1310 power supply other than class 2,UL-5085 Low voltage transformer,UL-8750 LED equipment for use in lighting product and so on, IEC-61347 Electronic ballast。

ProduceLow voltage halogen lamp

Normally use half-bridge design, provide 12Vac for safety reason and accent something, like garden, wall-painting, fountain, pond and so on, the plastic case of toroid design offer excellent isolation.

ProduceDischarge lamp & LED Driver

Use in fluorescent lamp and High Intensity Discharge lamp, provide high illuminate light and high efficiency power source, half-bridge is the common circuit design.

LED driver normal will use fly-back structure with constant current output, normal rating is 350mA, 1050mA.



ProduceLow voltage Outdoor lighting system

Decorating and make garden more beauty, normally working below 24Vac for safety reason, power supply request waterproof, some user request photo control and timer build-in with a stainless enclosure, power rating up to 1500W depend on design and customer demand.

Use in garden, pathway, fountain, pond, swimming pool, Christmas decoration.




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